The Phly Boyz FAQs:

Q: Who are The Phly Boyz?
A: We are an all-north american expatriate band featuring:

Evan Anderson on Drums
from Seattle‍‍‍, Washington

Daniel Puccio on Saxophone
from Rochester, New York

Michael Greenberg on Guitar
from New Haven, Connecticut

Alain Lafrance on Upright Bass
from Montreal, Canada

Q:  Which one is the singer?
A:  We all sing. We all play.

Q:  What kind of music do you play?
A: We play songs in many different styles and languages from the 1920's to modern day hits, allowing us to engage audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Q:  Where do you perform?
A:  We perform all over the world. From the Americas to Europe to Asia to Africa to the Arctic Circle, at private parties for the biggest celebrities, companies, and politicians of the world.

Q:  Do you write your own music?
A:  All 4 members of The Phly Boyz are independent songwriters and are currently creating our first EP of original music together.  We have also written music for some of our clients including  “Capri Girl” for the island of Capri, “Duncan Suits You” for Duncan of Nice and “B Saint Tropez” for Blonde of St Tropez beer.

Q:  How did you guys meet?
A:  Dan and Evan were roomates at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Evan met Michael in one of Berklee's songwriting classes. And we found Alain on instagram! #blessed

Q:  Where do you live now?
A:  We all live in Nice, France.

Q:  Why Nice?
A:  We came to Nice on 2-week vacation in 2008.  Inspired from our street performing in Boston, we naturally started busking when we arrived in Nice.  When the vacation was over we decided to stay.  The Phly Boyz we’re born.

Q:  Why the name?  
A:  “Phly” as in “on the fly” represents our spontaneity when we perform, along with “Boyz” which represents our spirit of being forever young.   The use of “Ph” and “Z” in the spelling is an homage to our childhoods growing up in America in the 90’s  when “phly” meant cool and boys was spelt “boyz.”

Q: What do you do?

A: Our specialty is performing entirely acoustic. No microphones or speakers necessary.  We also offer a wireless or stage show for larger events. You can find us on a table, on a beach, on a glacier, on a boat, on a stage. Truly anywhere and everywhere. We entertain the entertainers.

Q: What's the story behind your Drum Kit?

A: Since the band's creation we have been looking for ways to improve our show and adding a Kick Drum has always been something we've wanted to do.  Thanks to our friend Shawn Ryan, at Salt Drums in California, we've finally found a way to make it possible.  With his expertise we we're able to design The Ultimate Busking Kit which has taken our show to the next level.  For the best custom drums in the world, visit